2016 Project List

Spiderman Buttress – Fix steps, wood retaining wall at base.
Smith Rock Group Towers access – Repair main trail and close bad trails
Awl – Fences to prevent people sliding down hill
Monkey Face – Clean hiking trail. Install couple of steps. Drain water from trail
Main Climbing area
Voyage of the Cow Dog – Install 20 more wood steps (continued from last year)
Tsunami Wall – Fix Belay area. Clean up trail
Shipwreck Wall – Clean up trail. Fix rock walls and rock steps
Aggro Gully – Clean up trail
Caffeine Free Area – Fix Rock wall. Clean trail. Repair wood steps
Peanut area – Several projects to improve climber trail between Morning Glory and Dihedrals
Magic Light to River – Fix water drainage.
Phoenix Buttress – Fence to prevent expansion of belay area and rogue trails
Under Asterisk Pass – close bad trails
River Trail – Rock wall under Ship Rock
Rim Rock Projects
Homestead trail – gravel surface. Drainage structures
Yurt – Planting
Weed Pulling
Trash Pick up