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What we do

Public education and year-round maintenance are crucial for any busy climbing area. To get an idea of what our organization is up to, check out the links below.  For general park rules and regulations, please visit


Park Projects

While we try to get a lot done at our annual Spring Thing Event, there are always projects that require more of a time commitment, quiet trails, and specialized work. These include maintenance of high traffic trails, bolt replacement on climbing routes, miscellaneous repairs, and regular environmental care and maintenance.


Spring thing

Every Spring Thing, we bring volunteers together to work on projects vital to park preservation and celebrate the day’s work with dinner and a slideshow. There’s a chance to win over $10,000 worth of gear in raffles and auctions, with all proceeds to the park. See how you can make a difference at this year’s event!


public outreach

We should all take responsibility for caring for a place we love, but it’s not always easy to know what should be done.  We try to keep an open line of communication with our awesome local climbing community in order to increase awareness about how to best preserve the park.  Check out some climbing-specific regulations here.

“Our mission is to maintain a safe and environmentally conscious location for Smith Rock Climbers. We aim to organize and encourage visitor responsibility of the park, while promoting preservation and restoration of the region’s unique resources through public involvement and education.”

smith rock

Smith Rock State Park is credited as the birthplace of sport climbing in 1986, with hundreds of climbs at all levels.  Trad and bouldering are options too, with beautiful new lines being put up every season.  A guidebook is recommended, as is checking out parking regulations. Lastly, camping is always an option at the bivy.


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